Sunsets on Gozo: where to chase the sun

My new favourite past time on Gozo has to be jumping on the motorbike and riding across this tiny little island in search of the best sunsets. There’s something about watching the sun go down over the sea that I have always adored, and my love of this has only increased since I arrived on Gozo.

At first, I got accustomed to watching the sun go down from Marsalforn. Being located on the north side of the island, this mostly consisted of beautiful pink and orange skies, and a glow over the bay that filled my evenings with joy (especially when it was accompanied by an Aperol Spritz or two).

Now, I love sunsets over Marsalforn Bay. However, travelling across the island is definitely worth it for even more spectacular sights at dusk.

So, without further ado, here are my top three spots to watch the sunset on Gozo:

3. Ta Cenc Cliffs
Ta Cenc is located on the southern coast of Gozo, and although means you don’t have direct view of the sun as it sets, the orange glow across the seemingly ever-continuing sea is not to be underestimated.

Ta Cenc Cliffs – 8/2/2021

Ta Cenc boasts the tallest cliffs in Gozo, and therefore provides a wonderful landscape and vantage point for watching the sun go down (or sunrise if you’re that way inclined). There is a road just a short way from the cliff edge where you can park your vehicle and then walk over to the cliffs. The paths are not very clearly marked from the road to the cliffs, so I advise not waiting for it to get dark before making your way back. We managed to get badly lost trying to find the bike, and ending up wading through knee-deep bushes in search of the path!

Ta Cenc Cliffs – 8/2/2021

2. Xlendi Bay
Xlendi Bay is a well-loved area of Gozo full stop. However, it is also one of the most perfect placed to watch the sunset. Xlendi is situated on the south-west coast of the island, and is home to the Xlendi Tower, which provides a beautiful addition to your sunset view.

Xlendi Bay and Xlendi Tower – 18/2/2021

Unfortunately, Xlendi Tower is currently having some restoration work done to it, so is covered in scaffolding. However, the sun going down over the vast seascape is virtually unrivalled on Gozo. On a cloudless day, the pristine horizon provides a wonderful view. If you’re in Xlendi, you can also pop by the ice cream shop down in the bay to grab a cold treat for whilst you watch.

Me @ Xlendi Bay – 18/2/2021
  1. Dwerja
    There are so many wonderful places to watch the sunset on Gozo, but my favourite by far has to be Dwerja. Dwerja is home to the Blue Hole and Inland Sea, which you will have read about if you have read my post about diving in Gozo (which you can read here) or my post about Gozo in general (which you can read here).
    Located on the very west coast of the island, it boasts a sublime view of the sun going down, with other interesting assets too, such as Fungus Rock, and Dwerja Point.
Me @ Dwerja Point – 23/2/2021

There is plenty of parking down by the Blue Hole and up the road towards the Dwerja Point look out, and the walk down to the shore is not long and great fun. In summer plenty of people can be found swimming around this bay or cliff jumping. You can even take a trip down to the Blue Hole, although the vantage point of the sun setting is not as good there.

Of course, there are plenty of other wonderful places to watch the sun go down on Gozo, these are just my absolute top three. Special mention does have to go to the ferry crossing from Gozo to Malta at sunrise (which I have only even done once and wouldn’t inflict on anyone) and I’ll admit the view really did make the early start worth it.

Sunrise on the ferry crossing – 12/11/2020

If you have any questions or want more information about sunsets on Gozo, you can always contact me here! Hope you enjoyed reading and look out for new posts coming soon, or head over to my Instagram for more travel related content.

Love, Amy @thisgingertravels x

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