The Travel Buddy Guide: who to travel with and why

Travelling is something that can be experienced in so many ways; location, duration, company and so many other factors affect your experience of travelling for better or for worse! For some people, travelling alone can seem the most daunting prospect, and for others the thought of having someone with them seems like the most terrible idea in the world.

I have been lucky enough to travel with a wide variety of different people, and alone. Obviously, this is only my experience of these circumstances, however below is a little run down of the things to consider when choosing your travel buddy.

Don’t forget you need a good holiday photographer! (Thanks, Lucy)

Travelling Alone
As I mentioned before, travelling alone can seem incredibly daunting, however the freedom it gives you is unparalleled. For me, travelling alone has been a brilliant experience. Not only has it made me able to cope with unprecedented situations alone, but it has also made me meet incredible people from all over the world. Granted, sometimes it can be a bit lonely, however this is easily avoided if you jam pack your days and choose the right accommodation for what you’re looking for. Hostel life is one of the best ways to meet people with similar interests to you, and who in the end might become your friends for life. Alongside this, travelling ‘alone’ on organised tours is a wonderful experience of meeting people and having travel buddies no matter where you go.
Travelling alone also means you don’t have to worry about other people’s plans. You can do what you want, when you want, and this is a really great thing. Deciding what interests you, and how to spend your days, allows you to really get the most out of whatever city/country you are travelling to. It also means there is no stress of making plans in advance. The world is your oyster, and you can wake up on the day and say ‘right, today I’ll do this’.
Overall, travelling alone may seem like an unnerving experience, but in reality it is a wonderful experience that can really enrich your life.

The friends I made whilst on a bus tour in New Zealand alone, on one of our fancy dress nights.

I was lucky enough to do a lot of solo travelling in my gap year in Australia and New Zealand. I met loads of amazing people whilst staying in hostels, but also had the freedom to do different things I enjoyed in each place. I also went on the Kiwi Experience, a bus tour in New Zealand, and although I was travelling by myself I made a great group of friends who were always open to doing different things, as well as giving me time to do things alone.

Friends I made in Queenstown, NZ, whilst travelling alone.

Travelling with Friends
Travelling with friends often seems like the most attractive prospect. You can choose your nearest and dearest and journey to wherever you would like. The most important thing when choosing which friends to travel with, however, is making sure you have the same wants for your trip. If one of you wants to go out partying every night and experience the night life of the city, and one of you wants to get up early and have cultural experiences during the day then have an early night, this can cause tension that you do not want whilst on holiday.
The duration of your trip is also something you really need to consider. You might love your friend when you spend time with them for a few hours a week, but all day every day for two months may actually end up making you realise otherwise. There is an easy fix for this if you’re both independent people, and making friends with other travellers can also provide some nice respite from each other.
Travelling with a big group of friends is also a very exciting thing to do. There is variety, as you can spend amounts of time with different people in the group, and you can have really enjoyable experiences with a wide group during fun activities.

My best friend Lucy and I at the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur.

I travelled around Malaysia and Bali with my best friend Lucy for three weeks last year. We were very lucky that we always wanted to do similar things, and made friends that meant when I didn’t want to go out late, she was still able to. Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience and a good length of time, as well as both of us being sociable enough to make other friends as well as enjoying each others company.
I also have been on several group trips with up to 10 of my friends to stay in villas and the like in Europe. This was always a great experience and made for really fun weeks with a variety of people and always loads of different activities to do. Although I don’t know if I could do long periods of time with big groups, I definitely love this type of travelling for a week or two, purely for the social aspect!

My group of friends in the sea in Cyprus on holiday.

Travelling with Significant Others
This is also something I have done quite a lot of. I have always been very lucky to have had partners who love travelling as much as I do, and this always made for a great experience. Most of the time, you have similar interests as your partner, you know you can spend long periods of time with them because you’ve probably done it before, and it’s going to make for a really lovely trip. They also make great photographers!
A significant other is definitely a great person to go travelling with, and can make for extremely beautiful, romantic trips.

Taken on a trip with a partner to Nuremberg Christmas Market.

Basically, whoever you go travelling with, you want to make sure you have a good time! You can do this by planning the trip in depth, or just discussing your overall aims and wants for the trip before going. Whatever you do, just make sure you achieve what you want to, and get to see what you went there for, in whatever way makes you comfortable!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that some of the recommendations come in useful. If you have any questions about who to travel with, follow the Contact Me page and get in touch by email or on Instagram.

Amy @thisgingertravels x

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